At the Misty Mountain (Mystery Solved!). Now I need to get Back Again.

Wizard people dear readers,

Today heralded the end of a long quest. While in a previous post I informed you that the prime suspect was fibromyalgia, today that diagnosis was distinctly and definitively declared to be decently dependable and, in essence, dead on. That was the most yellow sentence I’ve ever written. The lady with the authority has poked, prodded, and deemed me fibromyalgic. This is, as I said before, good news, because now I can bring my formidable obsessive powers to bear and make this right.

The first step on the path Back Again was to see a physical therapist, and basically have her tell me everything my mother (also a physio) has already told me. That is, to do everything in moderation. My tendency is to overdo…well…basically everything. So if there’s a day where I’ve got a more healthsome vigour than normal, I will go berserk and accomplish all the things. This has the distressingly predictable result of completely wiping me out for the next few days. Now I’d already been aware that gentle exercise (also known as pacing) has been shown to improve symptoms of chronic fatigue and pain. Therefore, my mother in her infinite wisdom had me on a regimen of walking to the mailbox and back. Of course, my tendency on good days would be to extend the walk; to perhaps even trot a little. This would be coupled with strength training exercises at home. The biggest thing that has come out of my meeting with the physio today is that moderation and, importantly, consistency are key. So I now have a regimen completely laid out. I’m going to detail it here for two reasons: firstly so that, months from now when I’m running marathons, I can look back and say “HAH! I used to be so pitiful, now I have so many beautiful rippling muscles!”; secondly, to make me accountable to you, dear and faithful readers. If I don’t do what I’ve laid out here, you’re free to all flog me in town square.

Walking: 3 continuous minutes. Upgrade to 4 minutes on Friday, then 5 on Sunday, 6 on Wednesday, maybe plateau for a while at 6 depending on how it goes.
Arm/Leg Exercises: Use medium-light band. 5 reps each of hip abduction, hip flexion/extension, and knee flexion/extension exercises 2-3 times per day. 5 reps each of bicep curls, tricep extension, and deltoids 2-3 times per day.
Abdominals: 5 reps centre, 5 reps left, 5 reps right. 2-3 times per day.
Standing: 5 sit-to-stand-to-sit exercises, 1-3 sets/day. 5 standing hip abductions each side, 1-3 times/day. 5 heel raises each foot (holy crap I can do an unsupported one-foot heel raise? I AM UNTO A GOD!), 1-3 times/day.

This, I am assured, will have me back at hapkido in no time.  Well, maybe a little time. But I can hurl myself headlong into this exercise of moderation. I am going to be the most moderate exerciser there’s ever been. I’m going to moderate the crap out of this exercise schtick. I will be so mediocre in my efforts.

In all seriousness, my spirits have much improved. I have a diagnosis, I have a plan of action, and tomorrow I have an 8 hour class on fibromyalgia. I talked to my Mom and my brother today, and Mom sent me this picture of bunny Finnegan, who had done some interior decoration during the night.

Budding genius.

Who, me? It sure wasn't me who moved around my house or artfully arranged my chew toy, no siree!

I can think of no better way to conclude this post than with an adorable photo of my bunny rabbit. So, consider this post concluded. Any time now. Pretty soon. Alllllmost.



About narsi1ion

My name is Tessa. I'm 27 years old, and I live in Hamilton ON, previously Calgary AB. I'm battling recently-diagnosed fibromyalgia, and steadily improving chronic dizziness. Things that I don't get angry at: Bunnies, Gerard Butler, Blood donors, The colour purple, Parrots, Flan.
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4 Responses to At the Misty Mountain (Mystery Solved!). Now I need to get Back Again.

  1. mo says:

    Thank you. Nuf said!

    • narsi1ion says:

      There, I told the WHOLE INTERNETS that you were right all along! I did it because I love you. And, you know, because you were right all along. There is that.

  2. Amanda says:

    You are amazing, Tessa. I am so glad you can dig into something, even if it is achieving mediocrity. You can do it!
    If you need an advanced sitting partner, let me know!

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