Furious Fargo!

Good evening, dear readers.

I am very tired, so please excuse the inevitable brevity of my drivel. That there may be the best thing I have ever written.

Today got off to an earlyish start with a bowl of gruel and some toast at a Husky diner (why have pancakes or bacon when you can have gruel?), and I proceeded to flip out at birds again. Well, not directly at them, but in their general direction. I had 3 naps over the course of the day, which is an indication of how exhausting that sitting all day can be. I was rudely woken from my 2nd nap by my own teeth, the top and bottom sets of which collided despite the slight impediment of my tongue. There was about 3 full seconds of sheer confusion as pain and blood started to fill my mouth, and then perhaps 15 solid minutes of whining. What crap.

As fascinated as you are by me masticating my tongue, I have news that is even more exciting. Yesterday, I forgot to inform you all that I saw Corner Gas! No, not just the television show, the actual location! Rouleau, Saskatchewan happened to be on our Mayo-bound route, and the iconic fuel station was right beside the road. I hadn’t experienced such glee since I’d seen the pronghorn antelope earlier in the day.

Anyways. Back to today. We found some seriously excellent radio stations on our trek across North Dakota today. Highlights include: some sort of amazing blues channel out of Minot (funny story – Dad and I had ignorantly been pronouncing it “mee-noh”, but a local at a gas station informed us that it’s actually “my-knot”), on which we heard such kickass acts as Ron Hacker and the Hacksaws, Bible Baptist Church Radio, and Heaven 88.7. On some mix station we also heard a song with the most well-thought-out lyrics I’ve ever heard: “can’t live, can’t breathe with no air.” Yeeeesh. On yet another station, my Dad and I spent about an hour grooving to country from the 50’s, and discovered a mutual love of 30’s Western music. Today was a truly interesting day with regards to the audibles.

Now, I’ll give you guys the bird tally. You may recall that yesterday I made it my absurd goal to see a Turkey Vulture. Today, maybe an hour and a half away from the destination city of Fargo, I saw what could only be a Turkey Vulture soaring above the plains!! With this luck, I should make my goal tomorrow to see a cheetah! In actuality, I think it would be simply lovely to see an oriole, and significantly more likely. Today I confirmedly sighted the following: billions of Red-Winged Blackbirds; billions of Chimney Swifts; Mourning Dove; many gorgeous Yellow-Headed Blackbirds; Green-Winged Teal; Willet; Bonaparte’s Gull; Franklin’s Gull; and of course, my beloved Turkey Vulture! There were TONS more, obviously, but as I mentioned yesterday, I have no binoculars and we’re driving kind of fast.

Since My-knot, an enormous storm chased us west, threatening to overtake us at the briefest of stops. Once we arrived in Fargo it thundered in on our heels, and I can tell you that I’ve never seen lightning like this before. This is the biggest sky I’ve ever seen, for one, and all of that sky was black; the lightning became panoramic, arcing horizontally across many degrees of the sky before meandering to the ground. It was absolutely stunning. We found out, over dinner, that multiple small tornadoes had in fact touched down in two counties to our near southwest, but we gladly didn’t see any funnel clouds.

I’m officially tuckered out now, so I’m going to bring this to a close.



About narsi1ion

My name is Tessa. I'm 27 years old, and I live in Hamilton ON, previously Calgary AB. I'm battling recently-diagnosed fibromyalgia, and steadily improving chronic dizziness. Things that I don't get angry at: Bunnies, Gerard Butler, Blood donors, The colour purple, Parrots, Flan.
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