I PROMISE I’ll be good now! I’ve been challenged!

Alrighty folks,

There’s some sort of 100 days of posting challenge going on, and I need some motivation to actually make this thing run, so here I go.

This morning I was awoken by a hideously irritating alarm (Good Morning, for those of you with Android phones) at 8:00 am, to ensure timely viewing of the shuttle launch. I was so tired that I was irreconcilably pissy, although Ben was so excited that he didn’t seem to mind. When the moment arrived, after a few minor delays, it was beautiful. I immediately broke out in urticularia, and somehow began wolfing down celebratory cake through my tears. There were such mixed emotions; there was, of course, the sadness that comes when you witness the last of anything. There was also the sheer elation at the knowing of the fact that there are, currently, Homo sapiens in space, representing our species and the insatiable curiousity and hunger for adventure that is such an integral trait of our collective psyche. Alongside the obvious base emotions was my old friend the green-eyed monster. Being an astronaut was my dream, for many of my formative years, and I haven’t completely abandoned it. I must admit, though, that the prospects of me meeting astronautical requirements are rather dim, and I have a lot of difficulty with being sated by vicarious experiences. There was also regret and shame, for being so pissy at Ben all morning. In all, it was a well-rounded emotional meal that I consumed in approximately 0.002 seconds.

Tomorrow, I set off on a three day trek to the fabled Mayo Clinic with my Daddy. We’re going to eat greasy Chinese food in small towns, explore little dirt roads, and eventually wind up in Rochester MN, where the teeming brains will solve my curious case! I’ll update you (all 1 of you) EVERY day, because I have pledged to. And I never break my pledges.


About narsi1ion

My name is Tessa. I'm 27 years old, and I live in Hamilton ON, previously Calgary AB. I'm battling recently-diagnosed fibromyalgia, and steadily improving chronic dizziness. Things that I don't get angry at: Bunnies, Gerard Butler, Blood donors, The colour purple, Parrots, Flan.
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