Swimming and…stuff…

So…I missed my hlog post for yesterday, proving right off the bat that I suck at blogging. For future reference, this is what happened yesterday.

My day started grumpy. My great plans for swimming in the heated salty waters of Vecova (formerly the VRRI) were dashed when I learned that they only had public swimming in the evening. So instead, I went with my dear physical therapist and mother, to our local rec centre. Fortunately their wave pool is quite warm – this was an important point when my doctor recommended swimming as gentle aerobics for me. So I went, and actually had a blast. I used noodles and these floaty dumbbell things and pathetically flopped around in the water for about 15-20 minutes.

I’m pretty stoked because, today, I am not completely wiped out! I have a few quanta of energy!  So the swim program seems to have some potential. This is good.

So the Bruins are playing now – this concludes my hlog post.



About narsi1ion

My name is Tessa. I'm 27 years old, and I live in Hamilton ON, previously Calgary AB. I'm battling recently-diagnosed fibromyalgia, and steadily improving chronic dizziness. Things that I don't get angry at: Bunnies, Gerard Butler, Blood donors, The colour purple, Parrots, Flan.
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